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MFC Multithreaded DLL : NO STATIC LINK !

Windows: Using MFC, get unresolved external symbol errors for __argv, __argc, __mbctype
I am trying to use the MFC library. In the project c/c++ code generation type, I have changed the runtime library to Multithreaded DLL.
When I then compile the program it links with the multi threaded libraries but I get the following errrors:

nafxcw.lib(appcore.obj) : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol ___argv
nafxcw.lib(appcore.obj) : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol ___argc
nafxcw.lib(filelist.obj) : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __mbctype

The solution: When you use the multithreaded dll's in visual c++.NET, you need to specify that you are using MFC in a shared dll. This is specified in the project settings.

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Debugging In-Process COM

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글쓴이:tony shih (
제목:How to debug ATL com's in ASP 
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날짜:2001-11-13 00:35:08 PST 

this covers ->Debugging ATL dll s in medium pooled ASP application in local
server mode apply for IIS out of process application as well


1. open internet infomation services
2. right click your web site
3. select properties
4. select "Home Directory" tab
5. then select "Application Protection" drop down from that select "Medium

**Browse your asp page which uses the DLL / DLLs


1. Open components servcies
2. select COM+ applications (do not expand any)
3. select status view
4. get the PID from right hand side pane for IIS In - Process Applications


1. Install latest visual studio service pack (down load from beloved
microsoft site)
2. Open microsoft vc++ from program files
3.  select build option
4. select start debug select attach to process
5. select show systems processes check box
6. your previously noted PID will appear
7. select/dbl click that one
8. goto projects option
9. select settings
10. select debug tab
11. select Category drop down
12. select additional dlls option
13. attach all your req/project dlls (all the dlls must have build as a
win32 debug build to load symbolic info)
14. Click OK
15 select File option from VC++ pull down menu
 16. Select open all the .CPP an .H files where u wanna set break points
17. Refresh the asp page you have browse your component will hit the break
point Defineitly

Happy debugging

Tony Shih
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글쓴이:Allen Weng (
제목:RE: How to debug ATL com's in ASP 
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날짜:2001-11-14 18:20:45 PST 

A good article " Debugging Distributed Web Applications" by Anand 
Rajagopalan in MSDN. It's also very helpful. It provides insight into the 
different tools used to debug Distributed Web Applications.

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